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Saycoffee was founded in 2020 with a dream of making the coffee segment more vibrant and fun while still maintaining the best quality coffee beans.
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A different take on a traditional segment

First of all you probably know by now that we love coffee. Secondly we are danish. Even though we write all our texts in English we are in fact danish by heart. We created Saycoffee in the country that’s known for Film-noir, great tasting beer, scandinavian design and shipping. Coffee almost feels danish as we are in the super league when it comes two consuming this hot, brown beverage.

For us it has always been about the coffee. As we slowly started to explore the vast world of coffee we found out that coffee is quite complex. It's about nuances, acid, roasting-profiles, flavour and notes. It’s about pressure, steam, temperatures and quality of water. It’s about timing, weights and complex and hysterical flavours. Pushing buttons and dialing in amounts.

Our mission has always been to steer away from making the coffee too complex or communicating about coffee in a complex manner. Our focus is to offer consumers and coffee drinkers good tasting coffee at an affordable price but still looking beautiful and fun. 

We say: W are crazy about coffee but serious about people, taste and making memories.

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Moved into small offices in Amaliegade, Copenhagen

We started Saycoffee in a small space near the queens palace in Amaliegade. At tiny place but with sky-high ambitions.


Moved to bigger premises to scale up production

From there it quickly took of and we moved to Vedbæk in North Sealand where we slowly but steadily built a tiny coffee company.


Never stop exploring. Moving on up.

We are still in our premises in North Sealand. Still dreaming big and wanting to change things both for clients and the environment. Who knows where this adventure will take us.

Roasting small –Scaling big!

We don’t work like others might do. We roast coffee beans in our own premises on a very small scale. We test and taste and make adjustments.

Once we are happy about a certain taste or nuance we talk to bigger roasting setups in Denmark, Italy or Holland. Here we can scale up the profile but for the “masses”. 

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