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A lot of factors plays a role when having to choose the right coffee for your office.
Do you want to know how we can help you pick the right coffee? We can offer you a non-binding coffee tasting of our coffee varities, so you can see if it suits your taste buds. Underneath are a few things to think about before deciding.
Dark, medium or light roasted?
Think about how you like your coffee? Dark roasted like the Italians or a lighter roast?
What's your coffee preference?
Do you prefer organic coffee, conventional or something a little more odd like Kopi Luwak?
Ground beans, whole beans or coffee capsules?
What machine do you like? Do you like to be hands-on or do you like the click of a button?
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Gorillas custom coffeebag Riders Blend.


The "10-minutes delivery" company based in Berlin offers on-demand grocery delivery. Saycoffee has made a custom designed coffee that is both delightful and organic to honor the Riders that delivers fresh goods everyday.

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L’Oréal Professional Products

French personal care company L'oréal Professional Products wants to do even more in their sustainable mission by offering better and sustainable coffee. Saycoffee has made a fully custom-designed coffee range.

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