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A beautiful patnership

L'Oréal Professional Products has partnered with Saycoffee to provide an eco-friendly coffee experience. All the coffee served in this shop is certified organic and boasts a delicious flavor.
Delicious and sustainabile coffee
Indulge in both taste and sustainability with our coffee options designed specifically for hairdressers and salons. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while also supporting sustainable practices.
Initiatives for a better tomorrow

We see it as our responsibility to create means for giving back through initiatives that moves us towards a better tomorrow, with respect towards our communities and the environment. That's why with each checkout we support and donate to the following good causes.

1. EcoTree
Forests can both absorb CO2 and create sustainable timber and function as a home for biodiversity at the same time. EcoTree plants trees which stands in one of our forests. Here it will contribute to the climate and the animals of the forest.

2. The Ocean Cleanup
The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic. The Ocean Cleanup is developing cleanup systems that can clean up the floating plastics caught in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and also rivers.

3. A meal a day
A meal a day is a new community that help to give the homeless and socially disadvantaged in Denmark a meal every day. One meal a day is Hus Forbi's new network for companies for whom food and the meal matter.

Danish Organic logo

Organic coffees means that the farmers must use natural processes to grow and harvest the coffee beans while adhering to defined standards and practices.

They are not allowed to use pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetic engineering; only natural substances may be utilized. The soil also must be chemical free for more than three years.