dessert and drink in a glass

Delicious ways to use coffee

Here are three of our favourite coffee recipes



Step 1

Put one scoop of vanilla ice-cream into a small glass or bowl, and pour 1 shot of Smooth Espresso over it.

Step 2

Serve immediately after, so that the Vanilla ice cream melts slightly. After pouring the espresso shot over ice cream, top ice cream with double cream or chocolate sauce to add a little sweetness.


 Espresso Martini

Step 1

Pour ice,vodka, Kahlua and espresso in to a shaker. Shake until the outside of the cocktail shaker feels icy cold.

Step 2

Strain into the chilled glasses.Garnish with a coffee bean if you like.

Coffee Old Fashioned

  • 30 ml (single shot) Saycoffee Smooth Espresso
  • 60 ml bourbon or rye whiskey
  • 7,5 ml simple syrup
  • A dash of Peychaud's bitters
  • Lemon (for garnish)

 Step 1

Combine espresso, bourbon, simple syrup, and bitters in a shaker and fill with ice. Strain into a glass with a large ice cube. Twist lemon peel over the drink and rub around the rim of the glass. Garnish with lemon peel, optional.

Question about ingredients

Can i use Instant coffee for the recipes?

Yes you can. We also recommend our Instant coffee, where you mix water and instant.

Can i make the Espresso Martini without alcohol?

Yes. There are lots of delicious alternatives. Search for non-alcoholic spirits.

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dessert and drink in a glass
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