June 29, 2021

Benefits in coffee

smiling woman cleaning her face

Fertilise Your Garden

Fertilising is an essential step in having a successful garden but many people are unaware that there are other ways besides using chemical fertiliser in their garden-beds and pots. Coffee has been known for being able to provide nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, magnesium and phosphorus when used around plantings so why not use the grounds? So sprinkle your used coffee grounds from your espresso or filter coffee, over your flowers or garden-beds. You can also add the grounds directly into your watering can with water.


If you want your plants to grow strong and healthy, then compost is the answer! Compost can significantly improve plant health by increasing nutrient levels. They help increase soil fertility while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions from decomposition. You’ll want to avoid adding meat and fish to your compost in order to keep out nasty bugs like roundworms that can live off of protein sources for up to one year! Other items you should refrain from dumping into your compost include dairy products, diseased plants, weeds grease, oils….the list goes on. But don't worry you still have plenty left over to use: grass clippings, leaves, bark, shredded newspaper, woods chips and so on.

Neutralize odours

Coffee grounds are more than just a delicious way to start your day. Coffee grounds is not only rich in caffeine but can help absorb and eliminate odours from your refrigerator, gym clothes or smelly shoes. To use coffee grounds for this purpose, add some of your used ground beans into old socks and tie them off before placing the sock near any unpleasant smells you want eliminated. You can also place a bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge or freezer to neutralise the odours from spoiled foods. Coffee contains nitrogen which helps eliminate foul-smelling gas when combined with carbon. If you don't want to brew a cup of coffee just put some ground beans near any stinky stuff and freshen up!

Use as a natural cleaning scrub

Make your sink sparkle with coffee grounds! Coffee has a natural acidity that cuts through grime and grease, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to harsh chemicals. Just be sure not to use them on any porous material or they may leave brown stains.

Exfoliate your Skin

Coffee grounds are an exfoliating agent that can be used to remove dirt, dead cells and other impurities from your skin. Simply mix coffee grounds with water or coconut oil in a bowl and then rub them onto the face for deep cleaning of pores. Coffee scrub is also excellent on any dry areas such as elbows, knees and feet.


Some companies have invented “Fire logs” for the fire place. They contain more energy and create more heat than an actual wooden log! The people at Bio-bean use recycled coffee grounds that burns 20% hotter and longer than kiln-dried wood. The logs are made from waste coffee grounds collected from cafes, offices and instant coffee factories, and even airports, train stations and universities throughout the UK.