Gorillas Rider Blend

Co-lab with Gorillas

Gorillas Rider Blend.

A Saycoffee x Gorillas collaboration

Together with Berlin-based, "10-minutes delivery" startup Gorillas, we have made a delightful and refreshing espresso blend that is also organic certified. The coffee is a perfectly balanced espresso from organic coffee beans with flavour-hints of chocolate and ripe fruit, with a delicious creamy body. The label is a unique all-black design with a rider on the front. It is truly a tribute / homage to the riders of Gorillas that are the backbone of Gorillas’ vision to change how people get their groceries.

  • Certified organic
  • Roasted and handpacked in Denmark
  • Black Kraft bags with WIPF valve
  • Resealable Rip-Zip

It is sold EXCLUSIVELY through the Gorillas app and is only available in Denmark.


Rider Blend

Rider Blend related questions

Can i get a hold of Rider Blend on your shop?

No, unfortunately not. The Rider Blend is exclusively made and developed for Gorillas and is sold exclusively trough their app.

Is Gorillas delivering all over Denmark

No not yet :) If you want a delivery from Gorillas your best chances are if you live in Copenhagen. Right now Gorillas covers the following areas:

  • Brønshøj
  • Amager Øst
  • Indre By (Inner Copenhagen / Central Copenhagen)
  • Østerbro

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