July 9, 2021

Colombian coffee

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colombian farmer illustration

Rich, balanced and full of flavour

The Colombian coffee bean is famous for its rich, balanced flavour that continues to grow in popularity. Colombia's average annual coffee production of11.5 million bags every year and account for third place on the world's list of highest yielding countries with Brazil taking top spot andVietnam coming second.

The dark, rich taste of coffee is a luxury in many parts of the world. Coffee beans are exported to countries all over the globe including United States, Germany,France and Japan among others where they produce high quality cups that make for an even better morning cup. More recently Colombia has been declared by UNESCO as one of their World Heritage sites due to its beautiful landscape which includes plantations with coffee farms.  

Mild and Rich

Colombia’s coffee is world famous for its flavour and what can only be described as an unmistakeable mild but rich aroma. That may explain why Colombia has been exporting coffee for almost 200 years and, most of that time, it's been the top export in terms of value. There are many secrets to the success but one major factor might just be geography - with a coastline along both North America ANDSouth America!

Growing areas

The perfect conditions for coffee beans to grow include a volcanic soil, an altitude of 1,200-1,800 meters (but not higher), and rain. Colombia meets these requirements in the best possible way! Colombia’s coffee zone in the center of the country, produces most of the coffee. It spans the coffee growing areas of Caldas, Quindio, Risaralda and the north of Valle.

As a result of the higher altitude and colder climate, Colombian coffee beans are grown with less acidity than their equatorial counterparts. The coffee from these cooler climates has more body to it thanks in part to its fuller taste and much-sought after sweetness. They come in many varieties of taste; there's one for every palate! Another secret to our success. The bean. Colombian coffee is 100%arabica. No surprises there.


The harvest is quite unique too. Some countries prefer stripping the coffee cherries off of branches, either by machine or in-hand (commonly known as strip picking). In mountainous Colombia however, the focus has been on selecting only fully ripe red cherries from which to make delicious brews. This is what is called cherry pickers. A good harvester can collect up to 90kilos of these special fruits per day!