September 29, 2022

Filter Brew – A Guide

Brew Guides
Saycoffee's Classic Filter is ideal to brew with a classic filter coffee machine.
  1. Place a coffee filter in the holder and rinse the filter. Then you avoid paper taste which can give the coffee an aftertaste.
  2. Pour fresh, cold water into the water container in the machine. Let the water run for some seconds first.
  3. Use a jug or similar that is completely clean to fill with water. Do not use the machine's glass carafe, as it may contain coffee residues.
  4. Add the 60 grams of of coffee to one liter of water.
  5. Shake the filter holder slightly so that the coffee is evenly distributed in the filter. This ensures that all the coffee comes into contact with the water.
  6. Switch on the coffee maker and wait for 6 minutes.

Freshly brewed coffee tastes best. Your filter machine can keep the coffee on a perfect temperature (80-84 degrees) for 40 minutes. We recommend drinking the coffee within 30 minutes, where it tastes best. If it is to stand longer, you should pour it into a thermo.