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When Gorillas in Denmark approached us in July this year, about the opportunity to sell our products in their app, we weren't hesitating one bit. Like Saycoffee, Gorillas is young, vibrant and wants to shake things up and challenge status quo. This is what they do:

  • Offer 1000s of product – all at retail prices.
  • Order it from your phone. Easy peasy!
  • Get in 10 MINUTES! yes you heard it correctly....10 MINUTES!

They're founded in Berlin 2020 and has more than 10.000 employees. With its lightning-fast delivery of groceries, Gorillas' app is now featured in over 12 cities across Europe, including Amsterdam, London and Munich, since it went live in May last year. On the app, customers can order the 2,000 most in-demand groceries, which bidding on electric bikes brings out in 10 minutes. The price is as low as DKK 15 for delivery, and at the same time they match the prices in supermarkets.

So if you wanna check out the app download it on the app store (or whatever app store you use) and check out our products.

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