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Instant Coffee

Instant Satisfaction

 49,95 DKK

Saycoffee's round and creamy instant coffee, made from 100% Arabica beans. It's Fairtrade and Organic. The perfect solution when you are on camping, biking trips, picnics, or vacations - wherever life takes you! The jar contains 100g of instant coffee

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This is as easy as it gets. Add one to two spoons of instant coffee. All depending on your cup size, and how strong yout like it. Boil you water. Let the water rest for a few seconds. Then pour on top of your instant coffee. Simple as.

Based on pure Arabica coffee beans from Colombia. The Fairtrade certification means that the beans are sourced from farms who receive a fair price for their work and produce. The organic certification means that the product is grown without pesticides or fertilisers.