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Filter Coffee

Organic Filter

 70,00 DKK

Saycoffee’s Organic Filter has everything to make perfect cup of coffee. Harmonious crisp coffee notes, tropical fruits and cocoa flavours in the aftertaste with enough acidity to make it balanced. The bag contains 425 g. of coffee

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We recommend to use a Plunger or Chemex/ Hario V60 with Saycoffee's Organic Filter to bring out fruity notes of the coffee.
  1. Use 65 grams of coffee per liter of water.
  2. Start a timer for 4 minutes and pour the water over the coffee. Make sure that all the coffee is wet. You can use a spoon to stir. The lid and filter must not be fitted on yet. The gases must have the opportunity to escape while it is brewing.
  3. After 4 minutes, there is a crust of coffee on top and the coffee settles to the bottom. Using a spoon, remove the large particles and the foam that floats on top.
  4. Let the coffee stand for half a minute so that all the small particles sink to the bottom. Put the lid on and push the handle down. Let the coffee cool down a bit before it is enjoyed.

Serve the coffee immediately after brewing, as the coffee will continue to extract which can add a bitter taste to the coffee – you can also pour the coffee into a thermo if you don't want to drink it all at once. Always remember clean filtered water heated to 92-95C°

Organic Coffee beans carefully sourced from plantations in Central to South America. The coffee has been slowly roasted to a medium profile and afterwards finely ground. In the blend are Colombians beans that adds aromas of chocolate and cocoa in the blend, while  the flavors will lead you to sweet tropical fruit like raspberry and blueberries. The Acidity can best be described as bright crisp.