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Espresso Coffee

Smooth Espresso

 75,00 DKK

Saycoffee’s Smooth Espresso is a medium roast and well-balanced espresso with rich taste of dark chocolate, nutty notes and hints of brown sugar. It’s a perfect blend for coffees with milk like lattes and cappuccino. Your new life raft in the morning. The bag contains 425 g. of coffee

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Always remember to use fresh water (preferably filtered). Filtered water will prolong the life of your machine and you will get the most flavor out of your beans.
  1. Use a scale to measure your coffee dose. (19 grams of coffee)
  2. Distribute the coffee evenly in the Portafilter so that it is flat. Use your finger if necessary.
  3. Press the coffee into the Portafilter with a pressure of 10-15 kg. make sure that the coffee is level inside the Portafilter. This is more important than pressure.
  4. Adjust your grind size to get the full weight of your drink (38 grams)with an extraction time of approximately 27 seconds. The extraction time is controlled by your grind setting, so it's worth experimenting with. The size of your grind determines how long the coffee will take to extract. A finer grind creates more surface area for the water to run through. It can create a stronger flavor, but this is mainly determined by the extraction time and, not the grind itself.
  5. For a balanced cup, give the espresso a quick stirwith a spoon to mix the layers

Dosage: 19 grams of coffee for double espresso

Brewing weight: 38 g

Brewing time: 27 seconds

Grinding degree: Very fine.

Water temp: 93° C.

Water pressure: 7 bar

Coffee beans sourced from coffee farms in Guatemala, Ethiopia and Brazil. Ethiopian beans for high acidity, syrupy mouthfeel and a winey quality. Brazilian beans are added in the blend for the sweet nutty flavors that are accompanied by a bittersweet chocolate note. Guatemalan beans are added to add toffee like flavors in the aftertaste.